9 Things You Can Do on the My Disney Experience App


I love the My Disney Experience app. It’s super helpful when you’re planning your Walt Disney World trip - even if you’re a seasoned pro! But I still meet people who haven’t downloaded it yet, or aren’t using it in the Parks. And you definitely should! (Not to mention that it’s super helpful for curing your Disney Blues when you get home! Ha!)

Recently on a particularly busy day in Magic Kingdom, I saw two different families unsure where to find one attraction and wondering what the wait time was for another. I thought to myself - both of those things can be found right in your pocket! … and that’s the beauty of the MDE app.

Here are some of my favorite aspects of the app:

Before your trip:


1) Book FastPasses

Once you link your tickets and resort stay (with your confirmation number), you’ll be able to book FastPasses right in the app. It’s 60 days before your trip if you’re staying on site, and 30 days if you’re staying off site. Once you click Get FastPass+, you’ll select the names you’re booking for, then your date, and then you’ll select a Park. Then you’ll arrive at this screen where you can select your attractions and times.

2) Make dining reservations

You’re able to make your dining reservations 180 days in advance of your trip, and you can do that right inside the app. You’ll choose your party number, and then the date, and then the time of day. After that, you’ll see the list of restaurants that have availability on that date/time. My favorite part is that once you click into each restaurant, you’re able to read through all of the menus!

3) Familiarize yourself with where things are

When you pinch and zoom in, you can see a lot of specifics inside each of the Parks. The buildings all have names listed; and you can take a look at which pathways go where. (You can also do this for the water parks and Disney Springs in the app.) I like this because I like to have an idea of where I’m going before I get to a new place. (I’m the type of person who studies subway maps before I travel!) So I always appreciate when I can prepare myself beforehand.


When you arrive:


4 & 5) Check in to your hotel & Unlock your resort room door

You can take advantage of both of these features on the same screen. The check-in feature is pretty handy, because it means you don’t need to stop at the front desk of the resort when you get there.

As for the door unlock feature - I’ve used it, but I don’t find it very convenient. For me, balancing a backpack and a little boy, it’s easier to scan my Magic Band. There was a time once when I forgot my Magic Band when I went down to grab something to eat, and I had a ping of panic…until I remembered this handy feature on my phone! So I’m appreciative it’s there, but I don’t use it a ton.


While in the Parks:

6) Step-by-step walking directions

I absolutely love this one. If you need to get somewhere, but you’re sure how - you can get a little walking GPS right in the app. It’s amazing. You’ll want to go to the search function, type in what you’re looking for, and then click Get Directions. It’s such a handy little feature!

7) Download your Memory Maker photos

If you want to be able to share right to Instagram, you can do it right on the go. Just go in and click on the specific picture you want, and click download.

8) Locate wait times, restrooms, character meets, and Photopass photographers!


When you open your app, you’ll see a map at the top of the screen. Click that and now you’ll see a dropdown at the top of the window. It should default to wait times. But if you click that dropdown, you can choose other options. Being able to find the nearest restroom, for instance, can be really handy for a mama and her littles!

and last but (certainly) NOT least…

9) Mobile order your food!

This is a really handy little feature. Once, my family was in line to meet some characters in Epcot, and my husband mentioned he was hungry. I jumped on the phone, ordered our food at Electric Umbrella, and it was ready right when we walked over. It’s a huge time saver.

So what about you? What’s your favorite thing about the app?